Live Sound plus Digital Recording

$300 or negotiated price per event  (plus $40/hr for mixing/mastering)

32-Track Multitrack Music Recording and Mixing  

This is a very specialized service geared towards clients who want to create a fantastic "live" recording of their band or production in a venue, club, bar, outdoor concert, rehearsal studio or practice space. We are not a large-scale sound reinforcement company but we can provide the PA speakers, subwoofers and stage monitors as well as all the recording equipment.

Exit Stage Left - Rush Cover Band

Exit Stage Left Live !

We provide a QSC TouchMix-30 Pro 32-track digital mixer capable of sending 14 different aux outputs to your monitors and to house speakers if that's an option. We record directly to a 500 GB SSD Drive and provide all the studio-quality mics, stands, cables, DI boxes, and a professional recording engineer/musician (me) who will mix your tracks in Pro Tools See our equipment list here. 

Exit Stage Left - Rush Cover Band

Big R Music - Microphone Collection

We will engineer the live sound mix for the entire show while recording every track digitally. Your band will never sound better, believe me! And once you hear the mixed tracks, you will never again want to post an iPhone video of your live performance on your website or social media.

The Gashouse Gang Live!

**  Video filming/editing services also available - Please Inquire  **  

Additional professional musicians can be made available to complete your track, whether live or overdubbed in my studio. I work with a vast network of local guitarists, keyboard players, drummers, vocalists and horn players that can add the finishing touches to your recording if needed.

Rock Bottom Live!