Post-Production Audio Services

$65/hr+ or negotiated price per project

Dialog, SFX, Music, Foley, ADR & VO Editing
Foley and ADR spotting and recording
Sound Design (multiple local and cloud SFX/Music libraries available)

Voice-Over recording and editing
Re-Recording Mixing (2.0 Stereo or 5.1 Surround)
Podcast Production (consultation, recording, editing, mastering, broadcast/distribution)

Audio book recording, editing and mastering (to ACX standards) 
Audio for Video editing/mastering & layback to video

Audio repair and restoration

My professional audio post-production credits

Music Production Services

$50/hr or negotiated price per song

Music pre-production, tracking/overdubs, midi production, drum programming, editing, mixing, audio restoration, vocal removal, mastering


$350 or negotiated price per event  (plus $50/hr for mixing/mastering)

Rather than recording in an expensive recording studio, let us come to you and record in your practice space, rehearsal studio, live gig or concert venue. Overdubs can be done on-site or do overdubs, mixing & mastering all back at Big R Music & Post-Production Studios.

**  Video filming/editing services also available - Please Inquire  ** 

Additional professional musicians can be made available to complete your track. I work with a vast network of local guitarists, keyboard players, drummers, vocalists and horn players that can add the finishing touches to your recording if needed.

Electric Bass Lessons


Customized individual lessons
All styles and techniques taught
Learn music theory, ear training and how to read music
4, 5, 6 string and fretless bass instruction

Learn everything you need to begin gigging right away
Taught by the best: Dave LaRue (The Dregs/Steve Morse Band/G3/John Petrucci), Charley Sabatino, Oscar Stagnaro, Joe Santerre, Bruce Gertz & Rich Appleman at Berklee College of Music
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Pro Tools Ultimate & DAW Training 


We all want to record, mix, and produce quality audio ourselves these days, and affordable technology has given us the ability to do just that. However, the knowledge and skill it takes to really produce a polished quality recording in a digital audio workstation (DAW) like Pro Tools is where many aspiring musicians and producers fall short. From the largest recording facilities to the smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools is the most popular and most versatile sound creation and production system in the world. For any artist, the key to a successful Pro Tools recording/mixing session is "not to let the technology get in the way of the art." How does one achieve this? Learn Pro Tools the right way!


I'll teach you everything I know about the art of music and post-production audio recording, editing and mixing. I own and have worked on multiple DAW platforms since the earliest days of digital audio (1989). Most of the knowledge you'll receive will be applicable to any platform out there. We will explore everything you need to know to create an amazing music or audio post project, including hardware and digital interface options, best practices, signal routing, fx and instrument plugins, recording and editing audio and midi data, mix configurations and templates, automation, printing/bouncing your mixes, file and data management, and much more. The best training is still hands-on with a professional at your side. Everything makes more sense this way. The satisfaction of getting immediate answers to your questions and having a professional to contact for support is invaluable. 


You may bring your own laptop and interface if you need help learning to configure your hardware and software. After this course, you will have all the knowledge you need to record, edit and mix fantastic home recordings, podcasts, YouTube video soundtracks and more.

* (Additional DAWs:  Reaper, Audacity, Tracktion, FL Studio, Studio One,)

Pro Tools Ultimate / Tracktion / Ableton Live 9

A note about the state of the audio/video industry