Thanks to Randy, the audio on my 24 minute narrative film is top notch, exactly how I wanted. He's got the technical chops and is able to handle the tricky spots just fine. Also he works in sound FX and foley so they blend in and sound natural. He conveniently doesn't seem to need sleep, so I had him fix up a corporate training video too. Would absolutely hire again.” - Scott Danzig - Sneaky Ghost Films

"Success" short film

Randy has been phenomenal to work with! His communication is thorough, prompt and consistent and his quality of work is excellent. He even delivered ahead of schedule for each deliverable. He has exceeded my expectations yet again. He's essentially an extension of our team. If you're looking for a reliable, professional audio editor; I highly recommend Randy. Even better, he's friendly and fun to work with; all around great combo!” - Jenn Dudley - CSO @Dante 32 Inc.

Limit Up! podcast

You are my life saver... you rock!” - Rachel Swimmer

— Documentary - Video editing and audio post-production

good thing we have a REALLY GOOD audio engineer to clean up our interview audio...he cleans up everything! He's Amazing!” - Michelle Renee

Big Block Realty - Founder's Club Podcast and Big Block Realty videos

Great work. The audio was fixed quickly and sounded 100 times better from where we started. Would definitely recommend Randy and will use him again when needed!” - David Votta, producer

Netflix - Somebody Feed Phil w/Phil Rosenthal

Randy was fantastic! He did a great job communicating during the process and made himself available at all times. He's very experienced and knowledgeable and as a bonus, a joy to work with.” - Navjit Kang - Exec Director/Producer for Northpeak

Rogue Eyewear presents Brandon Bryant

It's always a joy to work with Randy. His passion and enthusiasm for audio comes through all he does and is infectious.”
I am a first-time author. I recorded my audio book for Audible ACX and flunked their QA so I asked Randy to do the editing. I did not realize that it was like a movie in that there's the raw recording, the editing and the finished product. Fortunately Randy understood what was needed and he jumped right in and worked full time and got the project finished. He had to deal with issues including background noise, room tone, and mouse clicks among other things including a jet plane going overhead that I had not heard because I had headphones on when I was recording the narrative. I was lucky to find someone so professional to guide my first audio book through the process. After all the edits and mastering (see, I know the lingo now...) Randy's final product passed ACX QA on the first try. The project couldn't have gone better and I couldn't be happier. Sincerely, ” - Stephen Edward Browne

The Deep State Rides Again - Audiobook

GREATNESS!!! Thank you again!” - Logan Gilpin - Under the Tower Productions

Selling Without Selling Out - Audiobook