Oz * - NBC Dialog Editor/Premix, Foley/ADR Record & Edit
Homicide: Life on the Street ** NBC/Court TV Dialog/SFX Editor, Foley/ADR Record & Edit,
Foley Pre-mix, Int'l Mix
Beavis & Butthead – MTV V/O Record & Edit, SFX Editor
Daria – MTV SFX/Dialog/Foley Editor, V/O Record
Celebrity Deathmatch – MTV Dialog/SFX Editor
The Head – MTV Dialog/SFX Editor
Out of the Box - Disney Channel Foley Record, Asst. Sound Editor
Clarissa Explains It All – Nickelodeon V/O Record, Sound Editor
Pee-Wee's Playhouse ***
Sound Editor
The Beat – UPN Dialog/SFX Editor
Remember WENN – AMC Foley Record & Dialog Editor
Paramour – AMC Foley Record
A Little Curious - HBO Family V/O Record
Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Nickelodeon Dialog, ADR, & SFX Editor
Big Bag – CTW/PBS Foley Record
Trubbles the Cat – Nickelodeon Mixer
Aliens in the Family – ABC ADR Editor
Real Sex – HBO Sound Editor/ Mixer (Int'l Version)
Barbara Walters Specials – ABC Asst Sound Editor
Turning Point – ABC Sound Editor
Hasta Pasta - Foreign Cartoon
NB Productions
VO Record and Edit



*   Oz won 13 awards with 32 nominations 
**  Homicide won 25 awards with 82 nominations 
*** Emmy Award Winner – Best Sound Mixing


The Century with Peter Jennings  – ABC

Dialog/SFX/Music Editor

The Century: America’s Time -
ABC and The History Channel

Dialog/SFX/Music Editor

Peter Jennings Reporting: Gore & Bush

Dialog/SFX Editor

The Latin Beat – ABC
ABC News

Sound Editor

Vanished: “Lost at Sea”
ABC News

Asst. Sound Editor

Vanished: “The Power of Forgiveness”
ABC News

Asst. Sound Editor

Photography: A Century of Images – PBS

Asst. Sound Editor

Who’s Dancin’ Now? - PBS

Dialog Conform & Edit

Witness to the Mob (Sammy the Bull Story)  NBC

Foley Record

Player's Ball – HBO

Foley Record

Best of Real Sex '97 – HBO

Mixer (Int'l Version)

Stolen Lives – PSA


Stephen King's The Stand * -
Laurel Entertainment

Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor

Stephen King's Golden Years -
CBS Miniseries

Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor

Stephen King's The Langoliers ** 
ABC Miniseries

Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson – CBS

Sound Editor

Sesame Street - Various – PBS

Sound Editor, Int'l Mixer

Muppet Babies – PBS

Int'l Sound Editor and Mixer


*      Won the 1994 Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Miniseries or a Movie
**     Emmy Award 
Nomination - Outstanding Sound  Mixing