Oz * - NBC
Homicide: Life on the Street ** - NBC/Court TV
Beavis & Butthead – MTV
Daria – MTV
Celebrity Deathmatch – MTV
The Head – MTV
Out of the Box - Disney Channel
Clarissa Explains It All – Nickelodeon
Pee-Wee's Playhouse *** - CBS
The Beat – UPN
Remember WENN – AMC
Paramour – AMC
A Little Curious - HBO Family
Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss – Nickelodeon
Big Bag – CTW/PBS
Trubbles the Cat – Nickelodeon
Aliens in the Family – ABC
Real Sex – HBO
Barbara Walters Specials – ABC
Turning Point – ABC

Dialog Editor/Premix, Foley/ADR Record & Edit
Foley/ADR Record & Edit, Foley Pre-mix, Dialog/SFX Editor, Int'l Mix
V/O Record & Edit, SFX Editor
SFX/Dialog/Foley Editor, V/O Record
Dialog/SFX Editor
Dialog/SFX Editor
Foley Record, Asst. Sound Editor
V/O Record, Sound Editor
Sound Editor
Dialog/SFX Editor
Foley Record & Dialog Editor
Foley Record
V/O Record
Dialog, ADR, & SFX Editor
Foley Record
ADR Editor
Sound Editor/ Mixer (Int'l Version)
Asst Sound Editor
Sound Editor

*   Oz won 13 awards with 32 nominations 
**  Homicide won 25 awards with 82 nominations 
*** Academy Award Winner – Best Sound Mixing


The Century with Peter Jennings – ABC
The Century: America’s Time - History Channel
Peter Jennings Reporting: Gore & Bush – ABC
ABC News: The Latin Beat – ABC
ABC News: Vanished: “Lost at Sea” - ABC
ABC News: Vanished: “The Power of Forgiveness”
Photography: A Century of Images – PBS
Who’s Dancin’ Now? - PBS
Witness to the Mob (Sammy the Bull Story) – NBC
Player's Ball – HBO
Best of Real Sex '97 – HBO
Stolen Lives – PSA
Stephen King's The Stand * - Laurel Entertainment
Stephen King's Golden Years - CBS Miniseries
Stephen King's The Langoliers ** - ABC Miniseries
The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson – CBS
Sesame Street - Various – PBS
Muppet Babies – PBS

Dialog/SFX/Music Editor
Dialog/SFX/Music Editor
Dialog/SFX Editor
Sound Editor
Asst. Sound Editor
Asst. Sound Editor
Asst. Sound Editor
Dialog Conform & Edit
Foley Record
Foley Record
Mixer (Int'l Version)
Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor
Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor
Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor
Sound Editor
Sound Editor, Int'l Mixer
Int'l Sound Editor and Mixer

*      Grammy Award Nomination – Best Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture
**     Won 8 awards and garnered 28 nominations
***   Cannes Film Festival winner, Sundance Grand Jury Prize
****  Academy Award Nomination, Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award Winner


Brother Born Again”
A Film by Julia Pimsleur

Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Editor

Starring Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry and Shelly Winters

Foley/ADR Record and Edit

Directed By Abel Ferrara
Written By Kevin Bernhardt & Abel Ferrara

ADR Editor

Shadow Glories”
Directed by Ziad Hamzeh

Dialog & ADR Editor, Asst. SFX Editor

Little Pieces”
Directed By Montel Williams

Sound Editor

Three Penny America”
A Film by Nitza Henig

Dialog Editor

Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story”
Directed by Vincent Fremont and Shelly Dunn Fremont

Dialog Editor

Incident at Oglala”
A Film by Robert Redford, Directed by Michael Apted

Sound Editor

Fantasia 2000” *
Walt Disney Pictures

Asst. Sound Editor

"The Emperor's New Groove" **
Walt Disney Pictures, Starring David Spade,
John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton

V/O Record, Asst. Sound Editor

Directed by David Goldsmith

Dialog & ADR Editor

Inspirations 2: Me & Isaac Newton”
Directed by Michael Apted

Dialog Editor

New Rose Hotel”
Starring Willem DeFoe and Christopher Walken
Directed by Abel Ferrar

Dialog/SFX Editor

The Money Shot”
Directed by Matthew Mailer
Starring Stephen Lang

Dialog Editor, Foley Record and Edit, ADR Record

"Slam" ***
Starring Saul Williams
Directed by Marc Levin

Foley/ADR Record

"Casanova Falling"
Directed by Chris Kublan

Foley/ADR Record

"To Serve"
Post Production Playground

Foley/ADR Record

"Too Tired To Die"
Post Production Playground

Foley/ADR Record

"Frogs for Snakes"
Starring Barbara Hershey
Directed by Amos Poe

Foley/ADR Record & Edit

Troublesome Creek” ****
Directed by Jeanne Jordan and Stephen Ascher

Sound Editor, Dailies Editor

Starring Adrien Brody
Directed by Eric Bross

Foley Record

"Niagra, Niagra"
Starring Henry Thomas and Robin Tunney
Directed by Bob Gosse - Dolby Digital

ADR & Foley Record, ADR Editor, Foley Editor/Mixer

Directed by Arthur Penn
Edited by Suzanne Pilsbury for Showtime

Asst. Dialog & SFX Editor

"One Survivor Remembers"
Directed by Kary Antholis

Asst. Editor

"Beavis and Butthead Do America"
Directed by Mike Judge

Asst. Editor

"Incident of Oglala"
A Film by Robert Redford

Dialog Editor

Stephen King's "The Night Flyer"
Directed by Mark Pavia

Foley/ADR Record, Edit, Mix, Dialog Editor, Int'l Mixer

Starring Liv Tyler and Debbie Harry

Foley/ADR Record and Edit